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Empowering Decision-Makers with Data

Are you searching for comprehensive insights into software companies to drive strategic decisions with confidence? VerinFast™ offers a sophisticated solution that harnesses the power of data to provide deep analysis tailored to your needs.


Why Choose VerinFast?

Our data gathering tools provide a comprehensive view of the technology, financials,

and organization unavailable any other way.

Robust Data Integration

We seamlessly amalgamate financial data from bank statements, software insights from source code, infrastructure details from hosting providers, and team dynamics from source control commit history.

Automated Report Generation

Our advanced software automates the generation of detailed reports, delivering precise and up-to-date information at your fingertips. Save time and effort while accessing invaluable insights to drive your decisions

Tailored Insights for Diverse Needs

Whether you’re an investor seeking to evaluate potential investments, a software company preparing for funding rounds, or an engineering manager striving to optimize team performance, our reports cater to a wide range of needs. With Insightify, empower your strategies and elevate your outcomes.

How VerinFast™ Works

Say goodbye to manual data gathering and analysis

Data Aggregation

Our system aggregates diverse data streams from various sources, including financial data, software insights, infrastructure details, and team dynamics.

Advanced Analysis

Leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and analytical techniques, we process the aggregated data to extract meaningful insights and identify key trends.

Report Generation

Our automated report generation system compiles the analyzed data into detailed reports, presenting actionable insights tailored to your requirements

Meet the Team

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We love developers

We work with the open source community to ensure VerinFast is as good as it can be. See our open source agent repository below.

Trust but verify.

Our VerinFast scanning agents are all open source. So you can be confident that you will always know what VerinFast is doing under the hood.

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